What’s Up With Discount Sites?

I’ve been seeing so many discount sites popping up these days. I don’t know if it’s the economy, but sites like Groupon have gone on to become publicly traded companies. That’s one of the more popular coupon sites. Have you heard or Retail Me Not? Yeah, another publicly traded coupon site.

Granted, these two examples are not evidence of blue chip stocks. As of this writing, both of those companies are trading for less than $10. However, they have a lot of revenue in order to be listed on a stock exchange.

What I find interesting about these two companies is that one took off during the crash of 2008. It was kind of a grass roots explosion. The other (Retail Me Not) depends greatly on their search engine rankings. If you think about it, Google has more control over whether or not that company will continue to take off.

So what makes a great discount site? In these two examples, one has a traditional affiliate program, and the other has a unique business approach. But what these two sites are lacking are reviews to the companies that they are providing discount services to.

As an example, here’s a small site that provides coupons and reviews to the products that they’re pushing. This is a Brazzers membership savings and review site, and that’s the type of site that I like. I care about the discounts, but I also care about the product that I’m buying.

Maybe in the future more of these sites will follow this format. I know I’ll appreciate it.